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Eric Bachmeier

aka Brisket Daddy. Co-owner

Pitmaster Eric believes good food comes from passion and simplicity; when people eat well, they're happy. After many years, he is finally able to bring his long crafted food to you.

Brisket Daddy was forged from his love of cooking and honed from many, many kitchen adventures. An open book, Eric will always talk BBQ with customers and provide advice if asked.


Fun fact: Eric is a huge Simpsons fan!

Kassidy Duncan-Bachmeier

aka Brisket Mommy. Co-owner

Kassidy always knew that we would be selling our food one day. After years of taste testing, she finally decided that it was go-time, and never looked back.

Project coordinator by trade, not only does Kassidy manage most of the back end of Brisket Daddy BBQ, she does a lot of the food prep too! We wouldn't be able to do what we do without Kassidy.

Fun Fact: Kassidy has written many novels!

Ellie Bachmeier

aka Brisket Baby

We wouldn't be Brisket Daddy BBQ without our Brisket Baby. Our biggest supporter, and always making us smile.


Ellie loves her BBQ, and will tell you all about it!

ellie meats.jpg
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