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All of our meats are smoked the old fashioned way. Our sides compliment our meat perfectly, creating a meal that will have you coming back for more.

Smoked Meat



Pulled Pork                             

Pork Belly                              

Chicken Thighs                    

Side Ribs                               


 1/2 LB             1 LB   

$18                   $33

$15                    $26  

$16                    $29

Each                 $4.50

Full Rack         $35   

Meat served with or without sauce upon request.



$3 per sandwich + cost of meat 

Upgrade your meat into as many delicious sandwiches as you like! Comes on a brioche bun, topped with coleslaw, BBQ sauce, and sweet chipotle sauce.

Mac Daddy BBQ Bowl     


Base layer of our famous mac and cheese, topped with your choice of smoked meat (1/3lb) and 2 of our delicious sides



Mac & Cheese                                 

Potato Salad                          


BBQ Beans                    



 8 oz                16 oz   

$8                   $15

$7                   $14  

$5.50             $11

$8                   $15

Each               $2   


Pop & Water                          $2

Monster                                  $4.50

Juice Box                                $1.25


Call ahead to make sure these limited favourites  are available!

Burnt Ends     

$18 for 1/2 LB, $33 for 1 LB

Sticky and chewy brisket ends smoked in a sweet sauce

Brisket Burger     


A smoked burger made from our delicious brisket. Comes with lettuce and tomato

Gar-Par Corn     


Corn drizzled with our special garlic butter sauce, topped with real parmesan, paprika and green onion

Purple Tongue Hot Sauce     


Brisket Daddy's Stout BBQ ***

Nashville North Dragon's Breath Cayenne ****

Gala Apple Lime Carolina Reaper ****

Honey Garlic Carolina Reaper ****

Ataulfo Mango Carolina Reaper *****

Cilantro Lime Carolina Reaper ****

Blueberry Carolina Reaper ****

Carrot Sundried Tomato Carolina Reaper ***


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